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Welcome Shaun Ekert

Welcome Shaun Ekert

We are very pleased to announce Shaun Ekert has joined the Leadership Team of Ideal Products as the "Director of Corporate Wellness and Business"....

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Buyer’s Beware

As mentioned in our previous post (Why Might Product Orders Take Longer), disruptions in logistics, material shortages, worker shortages, and a massive shift in consumer behaviour has had a profound effect on all levels of our supply chain from raw materials to...

Walk the Talk!

Ideal Products is ‘stepping up’ their commitment to the health of their employees! Already known as a workplace where innovation is the standard and forward-thinking is the norm, Ideal Products has taken another ‘step’ as an industry leader by introducing ‘Pacer’ to...

Congratulations to Our New Production Lead—Dalton!

At Ideal Products, we are driven to provide safety and productivity to our customers. We strive for these attributes within our company as well. Dalton has been with us for a year and already shows commitment towards safe processes while time and time again exceeding...