With Earth Day just around the corner, Ideal Products reflects upon the importance of investing in our planet as well as the need for innovative ideas to lead us into a sustainable future.

With a team of innovative thinkers and engineers, Ideal Products strives to deliver positive change by create leading-edge designs and processes with their products.

It was Ideal’s passion for innovation and problem solving that lead to one of their most leading-edge and environmentally conscious products: ThermalJacs547® Preformed Pipe Insulation.


Years ago V-Groove insulation was all the groove on sites across North America. Insulation fabricators had found another way to create pipe insulation by cutting “V” grooves out of insulation board. This innovative alternative to traditional insulation helped better the industry and reduce energy costs.

Ideal Products’ team observed this style of fabrication process over and over again. Though this type of insulation was a great alternative to traditional insulation, the cut out “V”s of insulation were discarded. Depending on the size of pipe being insulated, the material waste from this process was upwards of 35%!!



There had to be a better way. Ideal Products was ready to “Do What It Takes” to find an innovative solution with a smaller impact on the environment. With their tight knit and supportive team along with innovation grants from the government, Ideal went to work crafting the beginnings of ThermalJacs547®.

In the end, the solution was much more than just a final product—an entire process was created. Ideal Products developed the technology to create ThermalJacs547® in house. No more traditional fabrication of V-Groove insulation. To top it all off, less than 1% waste was created in the process. A huge win for Ideal Products, insulation contractors, and the environment.

Material Waste from V-Groove Insulation



ThermalJacs547® are shipped flat to their destinations in comparison to other types of insulation that are delivered in rolls (read more about saving on shipping here). Therefore, it takes less freight to ship the same amount of ThermalJacs547® Preformed Pipe Insulation compared to other insulation. Less freight equals less gas and less vehicle usage which in turn lowers the impact on the environment.


ThermalJacs547® Preformed pipe insulation holds very low in service shrinkage, preventing gaps from forming at the joints and costly thermal leaks. Thermal Performance and good thermal conductivity values help maximize control of heat loss, contributing to reduced operating costs and greater energy savings. Increased energy savings means decreased environmental impact.

As we approach Earth Day and concerns around global warming and the state of our planet for future generations loom in the air, Ideal Products continues to strive towards innovation and positive change.

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