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We provide products and services that help increase your productivity
while decreasing your safety risks.

Our Products

Keeping innovation on the forefront and stepping forward with industry
leading courage, Ideal Products is proud to offer the following product lines…


Protect your insulation with Ideal Products’ manufactured wide range of aluminum, stainless steel, jacketing, and sheets.


State-of-the-art production lines produce innovative insulation products from Grade A materials.


Industry leading, standard and custom fabricated products.


Innovative products to help address the global trillion-dollar issue of corrosion under insulation.


Ideal Products continues to carry a line of fiberglass reinforced panels and grating for commercial and industrial applications.

Precision Fit Fabricated Products

Keeping our users’ productivity and safety at the forefront, Ideal Products produces an extensive range of precision fit products using state-of-the-art CNC and hydraulic press technology. Discover the effectiveness of our Precision Fit product line in safeguarding your insulation system.


Increased productivity equals increased profitability. Ideal Products provides solutions that are simple. Products are designed for a safe and easy install. Faster installation times and less on-site fabrication can save time and unnecessary costs.
  • PRODUCTIVITY 95% 95%
  • PROFIT 85% 85%


Reduce the costs associated with work injuries. Keep, attract and protect your most valuable asset—your workers! With Ideal Products you can save money and protect your workers with our safer and easier to use products.

At Ideal Products we believe that the strength of our business lies in the strength of our culture.

Our culture is defined by the alignment of our people and our stakeholders to our core values. Our core values are not just words, they are very much alive, they guide us in every decision we make.

— Rob Bertram, CEO

Ideal News

Chilling Truths: The Winter Rush in the Mechanical Insulation Industry

Chilling Truths: The Winter Rush in the Mechanical Insulation Industry

As the snow begins to fall and the air gets colder, the excitement of summer fades and we turn to hibernation mode in front of the fire with a warm drink in hand. But for the mechanical insulation industry, this season brings a different kind of change—a sudden rush of demand for insulation. In this blog, we'll explore how waiting for insulation impacts productivity, why the winter months are always so busy, and why insulation is a vital investment often overlooked until it's too late. Plus, we'll introduce you to an innovative solution...

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Welcome to Our Ideal Family Marlee!

We are absolutely delighted to introduce the newest addition to our Ideal family, Marlee Smith. Marlee steps into the role of Customer Service Manager at our Pasadena location, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her on board. Born and raised in California,...

Austin Brasfield – An ‘Ideal’ Employee

Austin Brasfield is an ‘Ideal’ employee in every sense of the word. Not only has this native of Webster, Texas been with the Houston branch of Ideal Products for the past two years, he is the epitome of integrity. And that’s a quality which the company holds very...

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