For over 25 years, Ideal Products has provided innovative solutions to help increase our clients’ productivity while decreasing safety risks.

Vision & Mission

Turning Leading Edge Innovation into the NORM

With a vision of turning leading-edge innovation into the norm, our mission is to provide safer, smarter, faster products that help positively impact our clients profit and safety.

Our Commitment


Since 1991 Ideal Products has evolved into one of the most successful manufacturing companies in the world. We believe this is because of one reason: we care. We care about people, and we care about the planet.

Safety, Productivity, and Protection are important factors for both our clients, and our own people. Hence why all of our products and services focus on how we can positively impact these key areas.  

We also believe in paving a bright future for all. In the design phases, making a global impact to help address climate change is a mandatory component.  Innovation and technology play key roles in this, hence our vision of turning leading edge innovation into the norm.   


Service & Solutions

Ideal Products offers a wide array of innovative services and solutions.

Products range from pipe insulation to the metal cladding that protects the system, which include fittings, accessories, and fasteners. In addition to insulation and metal jacketing products, Ideal Products carries an extensive variety of fiberglass reinforced paneling, and accessories, as well as a line of innovative products to help address corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Combining a customer service team, in-house engineering, and technology at our finger tips, we are confident we have what it takes to ensure we meet or exceed our clients expectations.


Customer Satisfaction

With a team holding hundred of years in experience combined, Ideal Products is highly versed in mechanical insulation systems, and are ready to collaborate and help solve our clients problems today.

We have built a strong history with all of their customers, focusing on client satisfaction as a top priority. We value customer service and therefore have forged a culture that focuses on ensuring we deliver to our customers what they expect.

Our Core Values

“Do What It Takes. To me this is the ultimate company motto. It means we sacrifice for each other and our customers every step of the way, and we Do What It Takes to always follow our core values. We Do What It Takes to support each other at every opportunity, to always respect ourselves and our customers, to act with integrity in the face of every adversity, and to learn as much as we can each and every day.”

Joseph Hartman,
EIT, Design Engineer

“Ideal Products is different from every other company I’ve worked for, because they have built their company on a foundation of core values. Learning is one of those core values. The company fosters and encourages an environment of learning, which has given me the opportunity to grow beyond what I had ever intended or imagined. I started working for Ideal Products in a general labor position, with no prior knowledge or experience in the industry. Over the past two years I have been given opportunities to learn and advance into a position of leadership within the company. Every day I am faced with new challenges and the freedom to learn from them, which I am extremely grateful for.”

Tiara Barendregt
Procurement and Material Controller

“Not a lot of people can boast of having a work culture where people enjoy going to work. Here at Ideal, we’re a family who cares for each other and what we stand for. A family built on core values that we deeply believe in. When you have a group of people who enjoy working together and are aligned to the same values, it fuels courage, progress and innovation. Ideal Products is a family that is fun and exciting to be a part of!”

Lea Cerin
Production Coordinator

“At Ideal Products we believe that the strength of our business lies in the strength of our culture. Our culture is defined by the alignment of our people and our stakeholders to our core values. Our core values are not just words, they are very much alive, they guide us in every decision we make.”

Rob Bertram

“I believe that the Core Values are what sets Ideal Products apart from the rest of the pack. In having a code such as the core values, it ensures that we operate with integrity at all times, whether this is internal or external interactions. Having these core values allows you to grant your employees with a certain level of autonomy that you wouldn’t normally find. This is at all levels, whether you are in production, sales, engineering, or accounting, as long as you adhere to the core values, you basically cannot make an incorrect decision. It is the basis in which we operate and as I believe it really allows us to turn leading edge innovation into the norm. It promotes positivity at all levels of the company and our culture is world class because of this. The core values are an invaluable tool in my opinion!”

Ted Walsh
Customer Service Representative

Milestones & Accomplishments



Ideal Plastic Ltd. was founded by Dale & Wanda Maloney


Ideal Plastics became the No. 1 North American distributor for fiberglass reinforced panels


Ideal Plastics began the foundation for expansion under the current owners Rob & Tammy Bertram


  • Ideal Plastics entered into the metal jacketing business
  • Ideal Plastics acquired its first cut & roll machine


Ideal Plastics Ltd. opened its own Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise manufacturing plant in China which marks the beginning for Ideal Products Dongguan (IPDG) and Ideal Products Hong Kong (IPHK)


Ideal Plastics acquired first laminator, roll former, and un-coiler machines


  • Ideal Plastics Ltd. changed its name to Ideal Products Ltd. (IPC) to better reflect involvement in the metal jacketing industry
  • Ideal Products constructed a new manufacturing facility in Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Ideal Products opened a new warehouse in Stoney Creek, ON, Canada
  • Ideal Products acquires its first corrugation machines
  • Ideal Products acquires its first embossing machine


  • Ideal Products amalgamates its Asia operations for increased production capacity
  • Ideal Products of Canada Ltd. was ranked No. 65 on Canada’s list of 100 fastest growing companies


  • Rob Bertram was nominated for entrepreneur of the year
  • Ideal Products introduces CNC technology (this gave Ideal the ability to produce its very own line of custom fabricated items)


  • Ideal Products acquires the elbow division of Sproule Manufacturing and simultaneously launches a new manufacturing facility in Malvern, PA. This marked the beginning of Ideal Products America LP (IPA)
  • Ideal Products acquired its first box rib roll former machine
  • Ideal Products devises a team of engineers to help develop new, innovative products, machines, and Plant Automation systems


Ideal Products successfully manufactures three automated fab strap making machines – a key innovation for addressing increased demands for labour within the industry


Ideal Products develops and builds patented automated cut & roll technology


Ideal Products of Canada Introduces SafetyJacs ®, our new standard in Cut & Roll Jacketing


After several years of R&D, Ideal Products develops and patents a fully-automated, state of the art production line to produce pipe cover insulation


Ideal Products expands its operations into the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia with manufacturing facility in Ras Tanura. This marks the beginning of Ideal Products Middle East (IPME)


  • Ideal Products constructs its 5th ACR machine in North America
  • Ideal Products expands its operations into the Gulf Coast region of the U.S.A. with a manufacturing facility in Pasadena, Texas
  • Ideal Products expands it operations in Eastern Canada with a new facility and manufacturing capabilities



The Association d’Isolation du Québec (AIQ) promotes respect for the rules of the trade and the use of insulation in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.


Organized in 1898, ASTM International is one of the world’s largest international standards developing organizations. Defined and set by us, ASTM standards improve the lives of millions every day.


The Central States Insulation Association (CSIA) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to working with its member firms and their labor counterparts, the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers, to insure that their customers get the best engineered, installed and maintained mechanical insulation systems.


The Eastern States Insulation Contractors Association (ESICA) represents both small and large mechanical, commercial, industrial and asbestos abatement contractors as well as various suppliers and distributors of products and services to the industry.


The Master Insulators’ Association of Ontario (MIAO) promotes and encourages the advancement and betterment of the heat and frost insulation industry.


The Midwest Insulation Contractors Association (MICA) is the professional association of commercial and industrial insulation contractors, abatement contractors, associate manufacturer/distributor and material supply firms, and affiliate firms that interact with the insulation industry.


The National Insulation Association (NIA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing merit (open shop) and union contractors, distributors, laminators, fabricators, and manufacturers that provide thermal insulation, insulation accessories, and components to the commercial, mechanical, and industrial markets throughout the USA.


The Southeastern Insulation Contractors Association (SEICA) is an organization interested in promoting better relations between private owners and public bodies, their architects, engineers, mechanical contractors and insulation contractors.


The Southwest Insulation Contractors Association (SWICA) is comprised of industrial and commercial insulation and asbestos abatement contractors and their product manufacturers, distributors and suppliers throughout the southwestern US.


The Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta (TIAA) consists of mechanical insulation contractors, both union and non-union, as well as manufacturer and supplier company members.


The Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC) is the national industry association for contractors, distributors and manufacturers of commercial, industrial and institutional thermal insulation, asbestos abatement and firestop.


The Western Insulation Contractors Association (WICA) is the voice of the mechanical insulation industry. We are proactive in representing our members and are committed to increasing business opportunities for our members, associates, and affiliates.


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