Metal Jacketing Systems

Ideal Products manufactures a wide range of innovative aluminum and stainless steel jacketing and sheets for the protection of mechanical insulation systems.

Aluminum Roll

Available in bare, polysurlyn, painted and polykraft moisture retarder. Exterior finishes also available including smooth, stucco embossed, clear acrylic, Kynar film and various custom colours.

Aluminum Alclad Sheet and Jacketing

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Aluminum Roll Jacketing with Painted Moisture Retarder

PDF · 306 KB

Aluminum Roll Jacketing with Poly Moisture Retarder

PDF · 234 KB

Clear Coated Aluminium Roll

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Ideal Cut and Roll V1

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Ideal SafetyJacs v1

PDF · 1.1 MB

Stainless Steel Roll

Stock available is T304 and T316. Recommended for use where extra protection from corrosion, chemicals or high temperatures is needed.

Stainless Steel Roll Jacketing with Poly Moisture Retarder

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Stainless Steel Roll Jacketing

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Corrugated Sheets

Aluminum and stainless steel corrugated sheets are available in 1¼” by ¼” deep and 2½” by ½” deep. Deep corrugated sheets are designed for the protection and weather proofing of vessels and tanks but can also be used to protect equipment and insulation in abusive areas.

Deep Corrugated Sheets

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Box Rib

Ideal Product’s box rib is engineered for maximum structural stiffness with continuous 1” high ribs on 4” centres.

Box Rib Sheets Alclad and Nonclad

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Acrylic Colored Painted Aluminum

Acrylic Colored Painted Aluminum

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Polysurlyn Moisture Retarder


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Kynar Laminated Jacketing

Kynar Laminated Jacketing

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Sizing Chart

Aluminum Cut and Rolled

Aluminum Cut and Roll Data Sheet

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WeatherJacs® Fittings

Ideal Products manufactures a variety of aluminum and stainless steel fittings for the protection of insulation bends in piping systems.

WeatherJacs® Elbows

Available in 90° long radius and short radius as well as 45°

Ideal Numbered v1

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Aluminum Numbered Weatherjacs

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WeatherJacs® Large Bore

Available in 90° and 45° up to size 31x6 (43″ diameter)

ideal largebore v1

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Large Bore Weatherjacs

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WeatherJacs® Tees

Available in sizes #1–10

Ideal WeatherJacsTees v1

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Weatherjacs Pressed Tees

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WeatherJacs® Bevels

Available in sizes #1–24

Weatherjacs Bevels

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WeatherJacs® Endcaps

Available in sizes #1–24

Ideal Endcaps v2

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Weatherjac Pressed Endcaps

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WeatherJacs® Aerogel

Available in sizes 1″–36″ IPS

Ideal Aerogel v1

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AA Weatherjacs

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Sizing Charts

90 Alum WeatherJacs SR

PDF · 125 KB

Alum WeatherJacs 45

PDF · 105 KB

Alum WeatherJacs 90

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Along with our metal jacketing products, Ideal Products also manufactures and provides all necessary accessories required for their installation and use.

Wing, Closed Seals Banding, Fab Straps, Expansion Springs, Suitcase Latches, Tie Wire

Strapping and Seals

PDF · 338 KB

Accessories data sheet

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Gardner Bully, Combination Beader, and Crimper

Gardner Bully Combination Beader and Crimper

PDF · 58 KB

Gardner Bully

PDF · 322 KB

Expansion Springs

Expansion Springs

PDF · 295 KB

Steel and Aluminum Fab Straps

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fab Straps

PDF · 262 KB

Ideal PF Fab Straps v1

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