Insulation Systems

We have developed an innovative, state-of-the-art production line which produces superior insulation products from Grade A materials.

In alignment with commitments to protecting our people, partners and planet, our patented technology manufactures products that significantly reduce carbon footprint, thus being environmentally friendly. Our processes contribute less to the landfills because of the less than one per cent waste factors when producing, as compared to other methods which can produce up to 30 per cent waste or more. Robotics and fully automated processes also allow for our operators to work in a safe and healthy environment.

ThermalJacs 547™

ThermalJacs 547 pipe insulation is manufactured through precision v-grooved processes that fully meet ASTM C547 Type III (specification for mineral fiber pipe insulation) standards.

insulation system

Produced from Grade A mineral wool insulation, ThermalJacs 547 meets ASTM C447 (maximum service temperatures) of 1200°F, while dimensionally conforming to ASTM C585 (standard practice for inner and outer diameters of thermal insulation for nominal sizes of pipe and tubing). Custom dimensions are also available when faced with heat traced piping to help eliminate heat loss and increase energy efficiencies.

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