Insulation Systems

Patented next-generation technology produces superior insulation products from Grade A materials.

ThermalJacs547® Insulation

ThemalJacs547® Preformed pipe insulation is Precision Fabricated from premium quality mineral wool bonded together with a high-temperature binder. Advanced manufacturing technology ensures consistent product quality, with high fiber density and low shot content, for excellent performance in thermal control and fire resistance applications. ThermalJacs547® pipe insulation is manufactured to form all standard and custom pipe dimensions.

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SafetyJacs® Cut & Roll Jacketing

The newest standard for cut to length jacketing, SafetyJacs® Cut & Roll Jacketing is designed with Safety & Profitability in mind. With a ½” hem and factory deburred edges, potential cuts are greatly reduced when handling SafetyJacs®.


Here We Grow Again!

The Ideal Family of Canada just got bigger, and we’re better for it!  Jennifer Lagdamen joined the team Dec 06, 2021 as our Inventory Controller, and is already putting her nearly 10 years of experience in material management and supply chain practices to good use....

Conforming to High Standards

Who says you can’t combine innovation and conformity? Our ThermalJacs547® Preformed pipe insulation is manufactured using advanced technology to ensure consistent product quality that conforms to ASTM C547 Standards. To conform to ASTM C547 Standards, hot surface...

Welcome to the Ideal Family Jaime!

We are super stoked to welcome Jaime Navarro to our Ideal Products family in Houston. Jaime brings over 30 years of experience in the insulation industry to his new position. A great illustration of our core value, “Support Each Other”, Jaime will be diving in with...