Austin Brasfield is an ‘Ideal’ employee in every sense of the word.

Not only has this native of Webster, Texas been with the Houston branch of Ideal Products for the past two years, he is the epitome of integrity. And that’s a quality which the company holds very dear.

Brasfield started his career with Ideal as a helper. But by taking advantage of training opportunities as they came along he went on to become first head of scheduling, then production and scheduling supervisor for the Southwest Division, a position which he currently holds.

He spends his days overseeing purchase orders and production assemblies, and scheduling when orders need to be finished and shipped out.

He also reaches out to new people and establishes new relationships for the business.

But this go-getter from Texas isn’t finished: he has plans to move next into accounting and then human resources.

What is Brasfield’s favourite thing about Ideal?

“This location feels like family,” he says. “No one gets left out. Everyone talks to every else here, no matter what position they hold.”

It’s clear that it’s very important to Brasfield that no one gets left out regardless of size either. Because there’s one other very special gift he has brought to Ideal.

She’s about 4 inches tall and her name is Sabrina.

Sabrina - Houston Cat

“I’ve been rescuing stray animals since I was 7 and helping them find homes,” says Brasfield. “I recently found a little black female kitten which the crew here has adopted. We’re helping her get calmer and happy with people and then we’ll find her her furever home.”

With 4 cats and 3 dogs at home, it’s clear that sometimes the furever home is with Brasfield himself. But with a heart this big, it’s clear that Ideal—and the stray animals of the Houstin area—are very lucky indeed.