If you are wondering who that pleasant person you are talking to when you call Ideal Products Edmonton is, that is our new customer service specialist, Brandi Slinn. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Brandi moved to Edmonton to seek new and exciting opportunities. Working at Ideal Products is the perfect fit as Brandi’s values mirror our own, especially one of our core values: Support Each Other.

“Supporting each other is very important in life”, Brandi explains as she reflects on Ideal’s five core values.

As a loving mom to her son, Brandi knows all about support. Not only is Brandi taking on a super hero role at Ideal Products, she is also a super hero mom at home. She doesn’t miss a beat as she takes her son to skating lessons, dance lessons, and baseball practice. And she also makes time to go to the park, walk the dog, and just have fun.

Brandi’s strength and perseverance as both a customer service specialist and a mom may have come from her own strength and perseverance as a child. When Brandi was 6-years-old she found out that she had type-1 diabetes. That hasn’t stopped her though. Brandi stays the course and believes everything happens for a reason.

Everyone at Ideal Products is excited to get to know Brandi and support her as she grows into her position at Ideal Products. Welcome to the team Brandi!