When you receive our products at your location and think to yourself, “Now that’s great quality”, Tony Mutisya is one of the key players at our Malvern office you can thank for that.

Tony takes pride in his role as Quality Control Manager. He ensures any product that leaves the warehouse is of the highest quality. His meticulous inspections filter out any products that do not meet our quality expectations and he is really good at it. After all, he has been doing it for 5 years now.

Tony also trains new employees on what to check when they are running Ideal Products’ machines, making sure everything runs smoothly and employees feel confident operating our machines. Tony can fully support new employees as he has literally been in their position before. Tony joined us 10 years ago as a machine operator. He notes his gratitude for the support he received when he first started. With such an encouraging environment, Tony was free to ask questions with someone always there to help. He continues this support for new employees. This is why Tony stands the strongest behind Ideal Products’ core value “support each other”.   

When Tony isn’t at the office, he is ensuring quality in his life too. He keeps fit at the gym but also appreciates the importance of just chilling out by himself, with his friends, and with his daughter.

Hopefully this year he can travel back to Kenya, where he grew up, to visit family and friends and to give remembrance to his father who showed him how to be successful in everything he does.

This month, Tony celebrated his 10 year anniversary with Ideal Products. We are grateful to have such a dedicated and hard-working member in our family. Thank you, Tony, for an incredible 10 years. We are looking forward to many more years to come.

Join us in congratulating Tony for his 10 year anniversary. Congratulations Tony!