Ideal is excited to welcome Rain Griffin into our Ideal family. Rain will be taking on the important role of accounting and administrative assistant for both Ideal Products Canada and Ideal Products America.

Rain’s first day was only a few days ago and already she is feeling a warm and welcome atmosphere from our team at the Edmonton location.

“I like how welcoming everyone has been. It feels like a true team mentality. Everyone helps one another.”

Over the coming weeks and months, we can’t wait to get to know Rain more. From what Rain has told us so far, she loves Harry Potter. She admits to rewatching the Harry Potter movies every month. So to all the Harry Potter lovers out there, I am sure Rain would love to start up a Potter conversation with you. 😉

Rain also loves to sing and create music. Fingers-crossed, we can get Rain to lead in some of this year’s holiday carolling at the Edmonton office.

Rain is a true believer in fate. When we asked what her personal mantra is, she replied, “Everything happens for a reason.” We couldn’t agree more! That is why we are confident everything is right as rain and the future is looking bright.

Welcome to the team Rain!