The Ideal Family of Canada just got bigger, and we’re better for it! 

Jennifer Lagdamen joined the team Dec 06, 2021 as our Inventory Controller, and is already putting her nearly 10 years of experience in material management and supply chain practices to good use. Currently a student in Logistics and Supply Chain at the University of Alberta, Jennifer will ‘add’ tremendous value to our growing family by investigating any inventory discrepancies and sharpening our inventory management overall.

With Year End inventory right around the corner, Jennifer is getting to dive right in! But espousing our Core Values as she does—she believes firmly in teamwork and that “the best solution is to work together and empower one another!”—she is most certainly up to the task. 

There’s no doubt this proud dog-mama and budding tattooist from Wetaskiwin will bring lots of laughter to the Ideal Family in addition to valuable knowledge. 

Please pass along your warmest welcome to Jennifer as she starts her new journey with us, on our truly “Ideal” team!!