Who says you can’t combine innovation and conformity? Our ThermalJacs547® Preformed pipe insulation is manufactured using advanced technology to ensure consistent product quality that conforms to ASTM C547 Standards. To conform to ASTM C547 Standards, hot surface performance, non-fibrous content, use temperature, sag resistance, linear shrinkage, water vapor sorption, surface-burning characteristics, apparent thermal conductivity, and mean temperature values are required. Click here to view our product and insulation specification compliance along with ThermalJacs547 product characteristics.


ThermalJacs547® Preformed pipe insulation is precision fabricated from premium quality mineral wool with high fiber density and less than 20% non-fibrous content (shot). Shot content provides zero insulating value to overall insulation; therefore, higher shot content means poorer insulation performance. With its low shot content, ThermalJacs547® Preformed pipe insulation provides excellent performance in thermal control. Thermal performance and good thermal conductivity values help maximize control of heat loss, contributing to reduced operating costs and greater energy savings.



ThermalJacs547®’s mineral wool is bonded together with a high temperature binder. Operational pipe temperatures can experience frequent and large fluctuations. With these varying temperatures, pipe insulation can begin to sag if an inferior binder is used along with higher shot content. When pipe insulation begins to sag and create gaps at the pipe joints, costly thermal leaks can occur.

High Quality Content


Using innovative technology, ThermalJacs547® Preformed pipe insulation is produced to precisely fit small through large diameter NPS and tubing sizes for commercial and industrial applications. The patented process allows for precise fitting with extremely low tolerances. This is one of the largest reasons why ThermalJacs547® should be a suitable choice for all pipe insulation applications, since it is specifically designed for specifications requiring ASTM C-547 conformance.

With premium quality mineral wool, a high temperature binder and C547 conformance, consider ThermalJacs547® Preformed pipe insulation for your next project.



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