With over 30 years in business, one of the biggest realizations we had as we expanded nationally was the importance of culture. To cultivate our company culture we built a foundation with our five values at the core.


  1. Act With Integrity
  2. Support Each Other
  3. Do What it Takes
  4. Respect for All
  5. Always be Learning
Ideal DNA Core Values List

As our Ideal family grew along with the strong roots of our core values, we observed how these values weaved throughout both our employee’s work and personal lives. Inspired by the acts of kindness we continued to see from our Ideal family, we decided to launch a metric to acknowledge and inspire the whole team. We call this metric Ideal DNA.

Ideal DNA is our core values. It tracks how many times an employee shares an example of either themselves or someone else within the company displaying the character of Ideal DNA. We tie this back to our company core values and how each act of kindness relates to each value.

We care about each and every individual within our Ideal family. This is why it is so important for us to create metrics such as the Ideal DNA to support a healthy, holistic lifestyle for each team member, while attributing to a positive workplace.


Recently we were blessed with a true example of Ideal DNA. Ideal Products was grateful to bring on-board a new employee at our Edmonton location. This employee just moved to Edmonton and didn’t have a place to stay. Without a blink, two of our employees offered their home until our new employee could find a place. We thank these two employees for inspiring everyone with their kind gesture.

Look forward to more inspirational stories as we launch Ideal DNA.