That’s how Ideal Products’ Pressman Matt Leininger describes the dynamics of the company he first joined in 2012. Given that he’s an avid mountain biker for whom challenge and fresh air are tantamount to satisfaction, that’s very high praise indeed.

He explains what lies behind his description.

“Everyone is always supporting each other, no matter what. If you don’t have support, everything else just falls apart,” he says. “Here, you feel like you belong. You are always welcomed and you are always heard.”

Being detail-oriented and precise has helped Leininger succeed at Ideal Products. But so too has his initiative. “I’ve always been hungry to grow with more knowledge and learn everything I could,” he says. “I took it upon myself to just go for it, and learned literally every machine that was available to me.” Leininger pays this knowledge forward using his natural teaching abilities and enthusiasms for the job: Ideal Products and their satisfied customers are the direct beneficiaries.  

When not guiding others in his role as a Pressman or taking to the hills on the back of a bike, Leininger can be found enjoying video games, playing the drums or making things out of wood.

He encourages others to seek the same satisfaction he finds in his work.

“Take a job that makes you happy. Happiness is more important than money. That’s how to live longer. It’s about how you live your life now.”