The atmosphere at Ideal Products is a little sombre today as one of our brightest stars, Lea Cerin, says good-bye to Ideal to move towards future pursuits. Lea has been sharing her positivity, love and a little silliness with the Ideal family for nine years. As Production Coordinator at our Edmonton office, Lea coordinated between sales, shipping and accounting along with scheduling when and how orders were done. Thanks to Lea, Ideal Products’ shipments went out smoothly. Lea’s superhero powers didn’t stop there though. She was also in charge of hiring, logistics and the safety committee.

When we asked Lea what her favourite core value is, her answer was quite insightful. “Respect for All. That is the foundation for all the other values. Having respect for yourself and others leads to integrity, supporting each other, doing what it takes, and learning.”

Respect for All.

If there was anyone in the Ideal family that exemplified respect so deeply and genuinely, it was Lea. Did you know in all the years Lea worked at Ideal Products, she never encountered a conflict ever? How can you butt heads with anyone if love is your foundation? “Love is the answer”, that is Lea’s motto and it shows again and again and again. This is one of the many reasons why the Ideal family is heartbroken to see Lea go.

Despite the heartbreak, we are very excited for Lea’s next steps. Lea, her husband and her daughter made the courageous and empowering decision to take a year off to find themselves and each other. As Lea reflects, “It feels like time goes by so fast. Nine years has passed by and you look at your kids and ask where has the time gone?” Inspired by authors like Louis Hayes, Lea and her husband have decided to pave their own path, embrace what comes their way, and stay true to their course—no doubts.  

Good luck on your journey Lea. Everyone at Ideal Products wishes you a year filled with fun, family, inspiration and discovery of new hidden gems.