There are mixed feelings all around for the Ideal family today as we say farewell to Tammy Bertram, the CFO of Ideal Products. Our family is sad to see Tammy go, but excited about the future and happy for Tammy to make her way towards retirement and days spent with grandchildren.

Tammy Bertram’s roots have grown deep and wide within the company. In 1991, Tammy’s parents Dale and Wanda Maloney founded Ideal Plastics Ltd. Since 1991, Ideal Plastics grew into a force to be reckoned with across North America. Tammy and Rob Bertram stepped up into leading roles as they became owners of Ideal Plastics, taking it into Ideal Products. The two of them and their growing team pushed the envelope for innovation and international growth and now we stand proud and strong as Ideal Products Group.

It is hard to express in words how grateful we are to Tammy. Not only was Tammy an integral part in growing a humble, Edmonton based manufacturing company into an international success, she has touched many of our hearts and was beside us through the great times and the not-so-great times. It has been a true honour.

Thank-you Tammy. We wish you all the best and hope your new chapter is filled with joy, laughter and tons of hugs from your grandchildren. This Ideal family will miss you dearly.