In this case study, the Brock Group was working on a new construction project that required over 120,000 LM of insulation and cladding which comprised of over 800,000 man hours.

Not only did the project see some very demanding and compressed schedules, the client and job site also had some of the most advanced and stringent safety measures in place. This was arguably a key reason to why Brock chose to use SafetyJacs® cut & roll for their cladding which exceeded their clients expectations, saved them over $1M in labor alone, and significantly reduced any chances of  costly safety incidents.

Safety is always our highest priority. Choosing to use SafetyJacs® helped reduce the risk of cuts and provided a better finished product. SafetyJacs® also helped increase our Productivity 3–5% by reducing the amount of time to go back and re-tighten the previous piece when “fish-mouthing” occurs. SafetyJacs® provided better strength at the lap and a better seal when the cladding is tightened. For several years, Ideal Products has been the choice manufacturer of metal jacketing products for us. We will be continuing to use SafetyJacs® for the remainder of the project.

– Wayne Troock, Insulation Division Superintendent

Safety. Productivity. Protection.

SafetyJacs® is the newest standard in Cut & Rolled jacketing. Each piece comes with a factory applied ½” hem on the leading edge, plus all other sides are automatically deburred using next generation technology. The rigid longitudinal edge also provides a better seal at the lap which reduces any chances of moisture penetrations which can lead to CUI (corrosion under insulation).

See the Results

We’ve crunched some numbers in this case study and it shows just how much it pays off to make a simple decision at no extra cost.

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