Wood You Recycle if you Could? 

In an ideal world, manufacturing companies would produce little waste and lead by example when it comes to reusing and recycling the materials they use. 

Thanks to the efforts of one company, we just got a little closer to such a world.  

Ideal Products is a highly successful international manufacturing company known for being on the leading edge of sustainability. From the engineering of patented technology that reduces waste in manufacturing to recycling materials that cannot be reused in-house or streamlining shipping to reduce energy and CO2 emissions, Ideal Products is known as being a company that cares deeply about their customers and the planet. 

They just took it one step further. 

In what is the epitome of a win-win situation, Ideal Products this year introduced their Pallet Buy-Back Program.  

Using this initiative, customers who have received a shipment from Ideal—or those with extra pallets kicking around the warehouse—are invited to bring wood pallets that are in good condition back to Ideal for a refund.  


Goal of 4300 pallets collected

These pallets are then re-used by the company while the customer walks away with change in their pocket and the great feeling that comes with having done something good for the environment.  

Ideal Products’ goal is to be able to recycle more than 4300 wood pallets a year! 

If the pallets are not re-usable, the customer can either take them away to use themselves or pay a fee to have Ideal take them to the appropriate recycling location.  

The importance of adding this program to the arsenal of forward-thinking initiatives coming out of this company cannot be understated. Because while insulation may not be a very sexy business on the surface, a closer look at the character of the business reveals it to be about protecting people, partners and the planet.  

That sounds like an ideal world indeed. 

Do you have pallets you have been meaning to recycle? Fill out Ideal Products’ Pallet Buy-Back Form on our Resource page or contact your local representative for more information.