Our dedicated and valuable employees are the foundation of Ideal Products. We are proud of our values, our culture and our employees.

This is why we are so excited to have Gurleen Minhas join the Ideal Products team. Gurleen is a shining example of one of our core values, “Always Be Learning”. She is ready to dive into her new role as Procurement Specialist, getting to know more about our team, the company, our products and our vision.

In her role, Gurleen will be working on developing innovative strategies to enhance strategic procurement initiatives that will drive immediate and long-term growth for our Group. This will ultimately support our core focus of helping customers receive the best value of products and services, that increase productivity, safety, and protection.

Gurleen holds the designation of Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP). She also has over three years experience in purchasing, inventory analysis, logistics and procurement. We are looking forward to the great potential Gurleen will bring to Ideal Products.


Welcome to the team Gurleen!