With a full line of fiberglass reinforced panels made especially for ceiling and wall applications, Ideal Products is your go-to for bathrooms, food-processing areas, storage rooms and any area where durability is required.

Ideal Products’ fiberglass reinforced panels are made from a highly-durable polyester resin combined with fiberglass for reinforcement to ensure the panels are of superior quality. In addition, the surface of the panels is easy to clean.

(h3) Available in Different Coats, Sizes and Thicknesses

Fiberglass reinforced panels are available in two finishes: smooth gel coats as well as embossed. Finally, Ideal Products’ stock of fiberglass reinforced panels are available in four different sizes, two different thicknesses and come in almond, ivory, white and grey.

(h3) Benefits of Fiberglass Reinforced Panels

  • Superior sanitation and protection
  • Easily cleaned – just use regular detergents and water
  • Improved resistance to chemicals
  • Resistant to moisture – does not support mildew or mold, and will not rust or corrode
  • Easy to install in many construction applications – just apply to any existing wall surface with no special installation tools required
  • High impact resistance – fiberglass reinforced panels provide years of dependable performance, resisting shattering and scratches
  • Flexible
  • Less expensive than other materials

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