Ideal Products has been paying close attention to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) now characterizes this situation as a global pandemic.

Workplace health and safety is our highest priority. As such, our safety committee members have been actively working on internal policies and procedures to address the situation. All of our employees are to ensure they have received any and all communications. 

Currently operations are business as usual but with various measures and polices in place. Ideal Products continues to follow all recommendations and direction from government and health authorities. 

Ideal Products recognizes we have several facilities spread across various locations; therefore directives may differ by region which will ultimately be handled as such respectively.  

We are however asking that all locations practice the following key measures if not already:


We are asking for all employees to practice social distancing related to specific work areas, stations, and function. Work spaces and lunch rooms have been altered to support our social distance. Food sharing or social platters are no longer allowed. Break times have also been staggered.

Enhanced sanitary protocols: All employees are to practice regularly cleaning of workstations, lunch, and common areas. Supplies have been provided throughout the facilities. If supplies run out, please notify your supervisor immediately. 

Do not share personal work items for work such as headsets, pens, notepads, etc. if not necessary. 

Please limit team meetings to less than 10 when in boardrooms. The utilization of various video and tele conference tools shall be used if possible when team meetings require more communication.

All team members who are currently set up to work remotely shall work from home. 


We are limiting outside visitors at this time. All visitors should call ahead to make an appointment before making a visit to any of our facilities. 

All truck drivers must sign in upon arrival. 

Shipping and receiving doors will be opened only by employees. 

We want to remind everyone that although things are uncertain, and there are a lot of unknowns, the strength of Ideal Products has always come from our strong hold on our Core Values as well as family bond between our team members. We will work together to navigate through these unprecedented times and are optimistic for a safe and healthy road ahead. 

Further news and updates will be communicated as necessary via email and social media streams. Updates will be also communicated to employees by the safety committee at our regular bi-weekly huddles.


Ideal Products Leadership Team


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