“You’ll miss every shot you don’t take”

—Al Angel, Production Manager, Ideal Products

At Ideal Products we don’t have employees, we have a family. With supportive team members like Al Angel, our Ideal family thrives. We are very excited to celebrate Al’s 15 years at Ideal Products and want to give a shout out to Al for his outstanding work and dedication to both our company and our family.

Pardon the pun, but we feel like Al Angel fell from the sky 15 years ago and honoured us with his big heart, determination and skills. Al has taken on numerous roles in sales and procurement before finding his perfect fit as Production Manager at our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada location. A loving husband and father of two, Al gives his all to both his family at home and at work. During the day, Al dedicates himself to his team, supporting them and creating an environment for them to grow on both a professional and personal level. When he gets home, Al loves to play barbies with his little girl and go for walks with his family.

An admirable example of Ideal Product’s core value, “Respect for all always”, Al has been an essential part to our big Ideal family. From the bottom of all our hearts, we are truly blessed to have you in our family. Thank you Al!