Since opening our doors in 1991, Ideal Products has grown into one of the most successful insulation jacket manufacturers in North America. Our clients – from Ontario, Canada to DongGuan, China – continue to work with us because we provide material at the best price in the shortest amount of time.

At Ideal Products, we pride ourselves on being North America’s choice for quality jacket insulation. We operate in a competitive industry with the understanding that customer satisfaction is our highest priority. With that in mind, we ensure all our staff continue to provide excellence when selling our wide array of products, including aluminum and stainless-steel elbows, fasteners and accessories.

Ideal Products is proud to have manufacturing locations in Canada, the USA and in China, and warehouses and special fabrication plants in Ontario, Indiana and Georgia.

If you would like to learn more about Ideal Products and our commitment to quality manufacturing and customer service, please contact us today! We never stop developing and improving our supplies, and we never stop working to benefit our customers.