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Metal Market Report

There is no argument that over the past 18 months we have all been faced with challenges from an individual to a global community level. As we look back on just 2021 alone, our North American industry has seen several price increases that can be quite challenging....

Lea Cerin | Our Happiness Fairy

The World and Ideal Products is a happier place with Lea Cerin around. Lea Cerin is our Production Coordinator and this month’s Ideal Products’ Spotlight Team Member. Lea has been with Ideal Products for 8 years and since day one she has not only been dedicated,...

Save On Shipping Costs

Ideal Products goes above and beyond with their ThermalJacs547® Pipe Insulation. Not only do customers save the obvious energy efficiency costs from the excellent thermal control of ThermalJacs547® premium quality mineral wool, they also save a ton on freight costs....