Get Ready Canada – Here Comes Daryan!

The story begins 25 years ago with a two-year old who had a thirst for knowledge and electrical stuff. Unfortunately, at the time, this led to knives in electrical outlets and little black tip fingers as a result of numerous electrical experimentations. Born and...

Our Talented Team is Growing! Welcome Chris!

We are thrilled to welcome Chris Bingel-Loessy to our accounting team in Malvern, PA. Chris will be diving into his new roll as Accounting Assistant. We believe strongly in supporting each other (that is why it is one of our core values) and can’t wait to see Chris in...

Welcome to the Team Laura!

Our superstar team is the foundation of Ideal Products. That is why we are excited to welcome a new superstar to our Houston location. Laura Elizalde will be jumping into the role of Customer Service Representative. Her experience and knowledge lend itself perfectly...