James Low is the ultimate embodiment of Ideal Products’ core value “Support Each Other”. Whether it is helping customers, coworkers, his kids or volunteering, James is always thinking of others. 

James currently plays an essential role in leading business development initiatives as well as sales and marketing projects. When working one on one with the customers, James is an advocate for the company. James’ favourite part of the job is to support customers in finding solutions for their needs. 

When we asked James what one thing he likes about working for Ideal Products, he was hesitant to say what first came to mind as he did not want to sound like a broken record. Like many employee spotlights that came before James, the common answer to this question is Ideal Products’ culture.  

“I love the culture. At Ideal Products you feel free to be you. The company really likes to help support people in identifying, developing and growing their skills. If Ideal Products sees someone who is interested in something, they help to cultivate and grow that.” 

Ideal’s supportive culture ties in nicely with their core value “Always Be Learning”. With the space and acceptance to learn and grow, James has always jumped in with both feet to learn something new. From learning new tools and programs to learning life skills and becoming a better person, James continues to embrace his caring side, learning how to treat others how they should and want to be treated. Even in James’ spare time he decided to enroll in Christcity Theological Institute (CTI) to support his kids when they came to him with questions about Christian faith. CTI is a recognized Bible College authorized to offer Divinity Programs under the Province of Alberta, Canada. CTI currently offers a 1-Year Certificate of Theology, a 2 Year Certificate of Theology, and a 3-Year Diploma of Theology. 

“I first started the program to answer some of the questions my kids had about the Christian faith. I initially went in with sort of a casual intention, three years later I now have a diploma of theology. Not sure how that happened but I absolutely loved it. It has been a life changer no doubt.” 

There is no way to sum up James’ caring, compassionate and occasionally funny personality, but this quote comes pretty close: 

“Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.” – Jesse James 

This month James celebrates his 10th anniversary at Ideal Products! Please join in celebrating James’ milestone with a little or a lot of love and high fives as we all know that James would do the same for us. 

Congratulations James! It is an honour and privilege to have you as a member of the Ideal family. Happy 10th anniversary!