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Integrity Plugz: Non-Destructive Testing Inspection Ports


Integrity Plugz™ are innovative access/inspection ports that provide easy and safe access to insulated pipes, vessels, tanks and other equipment. Integrity Plugs are developed for secure, repeated access, and add strength to your asset integrity program and don’t cause damage or permanently alter the inspected system.
Integrity Plugz comes in two different models and multiple shapes and sizes. Integrity Plugz are engineered to provide non-invasive inspection solutions at different temperatures.

Different Temperatures, Different Applications

For mid-temperature applications, we offer the Integrity Plugz EPDM (Black) and the Integrity Plugz High Temp (Orange Silicone) inspection access ports. These models come with an innovative patented design that incorporates a flexible metal skeleton embedded in the silicone edge trim. This allows the Integrity Plugz inspection port to conform to any pipe condition and ensures a water-tight fit that works to mitigate CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).
No matter what your NDT inspection port requirements are, Integrity Products have the most extensive selection of sizes in the access flange market. Integrity Plugz will also work with any industrial insulation.

Integrity Plugz Inspection Ports: Advantages

Integrity Plugz inspection ports provide abundant, safe and fast, repeated access for systems monitoring. The access ports are easy to install and highly visible, making them easy to locate at inspection access points. Integrity Plugz require no fasteners on repeated access and are designed without sharp edges on the metal jacketing to reduce the risk of cuts. Integrity Plugs mitigate the risk of CUI (Corrosion under Insulation) by maintaining a water-tight, resealable access point and decrease the cost associated with asset integrity programs.

Quick Access

Do your inspectors have safe, secure and quick access to your piping systems? Is safety important to you, your customers, and your employees? For all these things and more, consider using Integrity Plugz and see the difference they can make by contacting us today.