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Simply put, corrosion is the natural deterioration that results when a surface reacts with its environment. Different surfaces, environments and other factors add complexity to the equation.

NACE International 2016 Facts:

Global cost of corrosion is estimated to be at $2.5 trillion US
Costs are equivalent to approximately 3.4% of the global GDP
On a global basis, available corrosion control practices can save an estimated $375 to $875 billion annually

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) can no longer be considered an out of sight, out of mind issue. Aging infrastructure has brought CUI to the forefront, with costs surrounding CUI-related problems estimated to be in the trillions of dollars each year. However, this number can be greatly reduced by implementing systems which allow for early detection, access for inspection, ongoing monitoring, moisture mitigation, and safeguards to isolate problem areas. While there is no way to fully prevent CUI, mitigation and monitoring strategies can greatly reduce the incidence and costs – human, capital, social and environmental – of CUI.

Termination Gaskets

The Termination Gasket compartmentalizes your pipe insulation system. Installed at regular intervals or at strategic locations, the Termination Gasket will stop moisture travelling along an insulation system and destroying the insulation. By containing any leaks or water ingress, you can potentially save millions of dollars on the removal and installation of insulation. The Termination Gasket is non-metallic providing a completely watertight solution in comparison to metal end cap terminations, saving future maintenance costs and failures due to corrosion under insulation (CUI). Made from high performing silicone rubber, Integrity Products Termination Gasket is self- extinguishing, non-melting in fire, and halogen free. Ideal Products recommends using Termination Gaskets in conjunction with the WeatherJac® Bevel or End cap for a secure, complete, cladded fit.

Water Indicators

Water Indicators use a unique patented solution with a water-sensitive ball of expanding elastomer to indicate the presence of water under insulation. This efficient system allows for easy detection within 24–48 hours of water exposure, pointing out critical areas for inspection. The system can easily be reset for reuse. Made with tough, electrically-conductive, all-weather Polyamid, the Water Indicator WUI can be used in all climatic conditions. The composition of the Polyamid makes it applicable on high-temperature equipment with an operational temperature of up to 150°C (302°F) in contact areas. To complete your system, Ideal Products recommends using Water Indicators in conjunction with Drainplugs complete with SafetyJacs® cut-and-rolled jacketing for superior protection.


Drainplugs reduce the risk of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). More thorough than just a drain hole, the Integrity Drainplug will enable moisture to evaporate from the insulation system.

Easy to install, Integrity Drainplugs guarantee a dry insulation and extend the life cycle of equipment. To complete your system, Ideal Products recommends using Drainplugs in conjunction with Water Indicators complete with SafetyJacs® cut-and-rolled jacketing for superior protection.

Integrity Plugz™: Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspection Ports

Integrity Plugz are innovative access/inspection ports that provide easy and safe access to insulated pipes, vessels, tanks, and other equipment. Developed for safe, repeated access, Integrity Plugz™ add strength to your asset integrity program and don’t cause damage or permanently alter the inspected system.

Two Models to Choose From:

Integrity Plugz come in two different models, standard, and high temperature, with multiple shapes and sizes. Integrity Plugz are engineered to provide non-invasive inspection solutions at different temperatures.


For applications ranging between -58°F to 300°F (-50°C to 150°C), Ideal Products offers the Integrity Plugz EPDM (Black) version.

HT Silicone

For high temperature applications ranging between -150°F to 450°F (-110°C to 232°C), Ideal Products offers the Integrity Plugz Silicone (Orange Silicone) version.

Both models come with an innovative patented design that incorporates a flexible metal skeleton embedded in the silicone edge trim. This allows the Integrity Plug Inspection port to conform to any pipe condition and ensures a water-tight fitment that works to mitigate CUI (corrosion under insulation).

No matter your NDT inspection port requirements, we have the largest selection of sizes available for various access applications. The Integrity Plugz will work with any type of industrial insulation, including aerogel blanket systems due to their low profile design.

EPDM Integrity Plugz High-Temp Silicone Integrity Plugz

The Advantages of Integrity Plugz

Integrity Plugz inspection ports provide large, safe, and fast repeated access for systems monitoring. The access ports are easy to install and highly visible, making them easy to locate at inspection access points. Integrity Plugz require no fasteners on repeated access and are designed without sharp edges on the metal jacketing to reduce the risk of cuts. Integrity Plugs reduce the risk of CUI (corrosion under insulation) by maintaining a watertight, resealable, access point and decrease the cost associated with asset integrity programs.

Integrity Pillowz

Integrity Pillowz provide extra protection in applications involving high temperatures by acting as a barrier between an internal pipe and Integrity Plugz inspection ports (replaces cut out insulation). Made from high heat resistant technical fabrics, Integrity Pillowz can provide temperature resistance up to 815.6°C (1500°F) and also provide thermal value to reduce heat loss at inspection plug locations.

Integrity Pillowz are available in sizes and shapes to match those of the Integrity Plugz inspection ports.

At Ideal Products, we are committed to helping protect our People, and Partners, and Planet. We recognize CUI as a major issue and strive to help address the associated astronomical costs. Our in-house R&D team, industry partnerships, combined with global procurement, allow us to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to CUI problems. Our Corrosion Under Insulation products are designed to work together as part of a holistic CUI monitoring and mitigation system, or on their own, depending on the needs of each specific application.

Our product line is constantly evolving, so for the most up to date solutions to fit your needs, contact us directly.